Denise Guillon

Associate Partner & Global Leadership Coach
Location: Paris, France

Denise is able to creatively draw from numerous coaching methods and management tools to meet the diverse personal and professional developmental needs of her global clients. She has accompanied hundreds of senior executives in connecting and leveraging their unique talents, personalities, and leadership capabilities. Her wide range of coaching and development experiences validate that creating value in global organizations and developing human capital are strategically linked as key competitive advantages. She supports global leaders in connecting with their own internal energy, creativity, and emotions, and demonstrates a strong ability to adapt to the development needs of a wide variety of client responsibility levels. Her global experience in coaching executive managers and global teams from over 20 countries demonstrates that developing high performance first requires human collaboration and trust whatever the personalities, cultures or business challenges concerned.

Today’s leaders are facing greater time pressures and performance challenges in highly complex virtual/remote environments–those organizations which are growing leaders who know how to create clarity and collaboration are moving well ahead of their competitors.  Through coaching global leaders and their teams, followed by facilitating large team working sessions, Denise also provides critical operational support and value to global companies. Denise develops global leaders and their management teams in real time while they are working operationally “in the trenches”. This approach has three major benefits: 1) the organization creates strong global leaders who can lead across distance, time and cultures, 2) the team is able to deliver quicker, improved results across complex organizations, while they also learn to maintain their own performance improvement; 3) individual managers learn how to coach and build their own teams.