Team coaching

Team coaching is valuable for teams that are forming as well as established teams. It helps new teams create a common vision and negotiate how they will work together.

Established teams find coaching highly beneficial when they want to achieve performance excellence or at the onset of a new project. Coaching becomes crucial when teams need to break out of silos or have generally become dysfunctional.

Our team coaches are licensed to administer a wide range of diagnostic and assessment tools which highlight team dynamics and support team learning.

High performance teams coaching to create a strong team identity and raise productivity levels.

New virtual team programmes to define a shared sense of purpose, values and work practices, and creat the right environment for the team to reach its full potential.

Joint excellence coaching programmes for enhanced collaboration in international teams.

Alignment coaching for teams that need to improve their processes and ways of working by aligning their behaviours, actions and outcomes on their team values and vision.

Blended team coaching where the coach is on the ground with the coachees, observing how they communicate, function as a team, manage their meetings and implement processes designed in earlier “thinking” sessions.

Action-oriented, this type of coaching is a fast-track approach for teams to identify and overcome obstacles to their achieving full potential.

Creativity and innovation coaching to develop out-of-the box thinking and foster innovation within the team.

Conflict coaching and mediation to resolve tension between team members and rebuild a team spirit.

 Session formats:
Frequency: Typically once every two weeks
Length: 1.5 to 2 hours per session
Flexibility: Sessions can be a mix of face-to-face, telephone and Skype.

Contact us to arrange for a free discovery session

We believe that the coach-coachee relationship is an essential condition to the success of any coaching project and systematically offer a free discovery session with one or two coaches. These discovery sessions give the coachee an opportunity to get a sense of whether the chemistry is right to establish the required level of trust, and to learn about the coach’s approach and choice of tools before having to make a firm commitment.